Monday, May 19, 2014

Go big or go home

Drama Queen - first steps (36"x36") gallery wrap canvas 1.5" deep

This time last year, Patricia Fabian and I were furiously painting for our show in the Atrium Gallery of the State Botanical Garden of Georgia (Athens). Of course, they wanted the theme to be florals and plant life. Just so happens that's my natural love. The show ran July and August. What a great kickoff reception we had and while we were partying and enjoying the spectacular atrium gardens, a lovely couple bought one of my paintings!

Since this was a large canvas (36" x 36"), I ordered especially large brushes. These are the type of brushes used by mural artists. As you can see, my studio also needed a large can to contain the odorless mineral spirits - big enough to swirl those big brushes in. Since I don't own an easel large enough for this huge painting, I put two plein air French easels side-by-side. The trick with a gallery wrap canvas is to finish the back first, so the back wire is secured around the back support posts of both easels. The rounds of masking tape up front are to stop the canvas from deciding to take a leap forward. (This canvas was eager to go!)

We even had a graphic designer friend create a logo for our show and advertised it far and wide. Thanks, Cindy! The logo is a double entendre for two artists and because it is usually hotter than Hades in Georgia in July and August.

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