Thursday, May 22, 2014

Screening calls

My husband's the best. Look at this beautiful screen door he installed just for my studio door (OK, it's the basement door to our house, but still). Perfect for "spring into summer" open door season. The soothing sounds of awakening birds and soft jazz playing is the perfect atmosphere for planning and painting. 

Our 70 lb. black lab, Bella, likes it too, as she lies inside on her comfortable dog bed and occasionally finds the strength to raise her head and woof at invisible threats. 

Bella, who I've dubbed "Pawcasso", was stretched out near my easel this morning ruminating about art. She suggested creating something more playful, more colorful (she insists she is not color blind as is the rumor about dogs)...and oh yeah, the subject matter had to be connected to food somehow. So taking her thoughtful comments to heart, Pawcasso and I will start on a new painting tomorrow. Come join us, and don't forget to BYOMB...bring your own Milk Bone®.  

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