Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tea With Christy - ta da!

Tea With Christy   ©2014 Joan Terrell
An original oil painting
Canvas size: 24"H x 18"W
$750 + shipping
Frame included (choice of the artist)

When my friend, Christy, says "let's get together for tea," I'm always ready. Although born in the U.S., Christy's heart is usually in the British Isles. Sometimes she is there more than only in spirit because she owns a travel agency and spends her summers revealing the history and grandeur that abounds across the pond. She only takes small groups though, so book early. What a charming name she's given her business, The Mist and the Stone. The table in her home to which we are invited is laden with lusciously tart kumquats (you eat the entire thing, dearie) and sweet early spring strawberries. Spoon out some of the special sugar and enjoy the confectionery fusion exuberance of placing a ripe, juicy grape and a dried fig on your tongue at the same time. Here are photos of some details:

This painting is a breakthrough for me. Exploring the fauvist (literally "wild beasts" in French) art movement has led to a more colorful, freer path that I am now exploring and thank you for joining me on this path via this blog. 

Serendipity and coincidence are fraternal twins. One thing leads to another and discovering the work of Henri Matisse by way of a box of greeting cards purchased at a bookstore at random and then learning more about him via a documentary film entices me onward. Here is a quote by Matisse that I hope helps enrich your experience of this painting.

“I do not literally paint that table, but the emotion it produces upon me. ” -Henri Matisse

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