Friday, May 23, 2014

Use it or lose it

Back in October 2012, I was in Dreama Tolle Perry's art workshop in Jacksonville, FL. It was nice to visit Jacksonville again, having lived there the decade of the 70's. Art workshops are like a late afternoon jolt of caffeine. The ideas start swirling and before you know it, you need to hike the A/C up because of all the creative heat coming out of your head.  

I discovered Dreama when she was the co-host of Leslie Saeta's Internet radio program, Artists Helping Artists (or AHA! radio). Meeting Dreama in person was a great experience. She is as breezy, kind, and funny in person as when co-hosting the show. I was there to learn how she uses and controls bright colors so they harmonize, rather than shout.

When you get onto the artist's path, you soon find that art teaches you things about yourself you never knew (or never wanted to know). Trying to create bright, colorful paintings intimidates me. That's right. I tried it once and here's what my nascent adventure into that arena reminded me of:

Not my usual gentle French impressionism style at all. But something kept tugging at my brush and as you know, if you don't use new knowledge soon, you lose it. So here's the first step. Using white gesso, I painted over my orange toned canvas and original drawing (it was hard letting go). Then, shockingly, I boldly used Mars black to reinforce the outlines of the drawing. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, step right up and see the colorful black and white painting. Heeere we go!


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