Thursday, June 5, 2014

It started with a smudge angel

It started in Greenville, SC when my sister, Sandy, her friend (and now my friend), Fran, and I were having lunch out on the patio of a restaurant. Fran, already alert to spotting angels, called our attention to a smudge on the side of an ice machine that looked like an angel and then she snapped this photo:

In addition to angels, Fran's become sensitive to finding and photographing hearts. Now I see angels and hearts everywhere and sometimes they even turn up in my artwork. Here's a photo by Frank Safranek, a fellow member of the Cloud Appreciation Society:

Here's another one, a heart with angel wings, that appeared on Fran's dresser one morning.

It was a beautiful day at Jacksonville Beach, Florida. I was attending a Dreama Tolle Perry art workshop and hadn't been to Jacksonville since living there in the 1970's. After spending the day with unfamiliar colors and brushstrokes, I had to see the ocean to clear my head. Glancing down, there it was, a trail of hearts in the sand. I love these gentle reminders from the universe.

What brought you to art? What keeps you here, walking the road of stones as well as delights? Bet it was your heart. I'm wearing a heart locket today that makes a lovely sound when I move that reminds me to stay true. Give yourself a reminder today to use the light of love to peer into your heart, take your dreams down off the shelf and dust them off. Gently, ever so softly - listen for the song that only your heart can sing today.

"Don't follow a trend. Follow your heart." - Krist Novoselic, musician

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