Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The story of Miss Chicken Peckrica

Chicken Peckrica     © Joan Terrell
14"H x 11"W   Framed
An original oil painting on stretched canvas

The title of this painting is a play on Chicken Paprika, with “rica” indicating the feminine “rich” in Spanish.

Ms. Peckrica is a Hungarian Guinea fowl and is an admirer of the famous Hungarian Gabor sisters. Note the jaunty angle of the protrusion that sits atop the helmet-like comb. It is reminiscent of a paprika pepper.

Ms. Peckrica’s body contains the white spots, known as pearls, typical of Guinea fowl, which mirror the strings of pearls she wears fresh from her morning shopping trip.

Her wattle has been the subject of much gossip in the barnyard and many a plain hen has suspected that Ms. Peckrica has had it "enhanced."

Those blue eyes have been known to charm many a French tufted foot golden rooster. Now that's something to crow about!

She was last spotted flirting at an Atlanta artist colony named The Goat Farm. See yesterday's post to see what she's up to these days, that little minx. 

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