Thursday, July 17, 2014

Atomic Cocktail, cheers to ya!

Atomic Cocktail      © 2014 Joan Terrell, artist
Original oil painting on 6" x 6" gessobord™

Not framed

Here's the finished painting inspired by my Lexington adventures and I loved working on it. Below is a photo of the "sorta kinda finished" one so you can see the changes I made after signing it. So spank my hand with a #10 flat for doing that. Found the "vivid" setting on my camera so the photo above looks more like the actual painting. I've only had that camera for 5 years, and maybe it's time to read the user guide. (Ironic, no, since I write user guides? Ha!) 

The pink in the cocktail seemed to be competing with the pink in the umbrella, so I glazed the cocktail with a thin mixture of Naples Yellow. Hopefully, this makes the pink umbrella "pop" more. Then I turned the umbrella from red to pink. Here's a link to the blog containing the step-by-step photos.  

Later, and ya'll stay cool!

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