Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Birthday

June was a busy month and not much painting going on what with the trips to Lexington and the beach. We had a good time during Larry's birthday and loved the new restaurant we tried for the first time. It's called One Blue Duck and is in downtown Hoschton. It has good ambiance and is in an old building with exposed brick on the inside. One of the bricks had 1924 stamped into it. We finished with coffee and a delightful creme brulee with fresh fruit.

Lots of presents for him. Wait, that one on the left's not for Larry.

Happy Birthday to Bella, too. We don't know her exact birth date, so we combined it with Larry's. Bella turned 3 this year and Larry turned, well, let's just say he remembers black and white TV.

As you can see, Bella is absolutely thrilled with "Mr. Chuckles", as we call him. 

Where's the bacon cake and Frosty Paws ice cream?

So Happy Birthday to Larry and Bella and many happy returns. You know what they say... Birthdays creep up on you faster than cheap underwear!

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