Monday, July 7, 2014

Nothing to beach about

One of my favorite jazz cats is Mose Allison. Just back from the Piedmont Girls beach trip near Myrtle Beach. Back at work, but to adapt a title from one of my favorite Mose songs "My mind is on Vacation and My Daydreams Work Overtime". 

Remember growing up in Charlotte, NC and getting into trouble at the Pavilion? Well, the Pavilion is no more, and hopefully we've outgrown the trouble. I thought they had plans to rebuild something there, but now it's just a flat piece of real estate for sale. Here's a photo I took the last year it was standing. Ah the memories of that place and the amusement park next to it. Remember riding The Mouse? Maybe a nostalgia painting is in order.

We had good weather and were right on the beach. Yep, I'm still paranoid about sharks and hate that creepy feeling when something touches my foot in the water, so we'll admire from afar. Pretty strange for a certified Scuba diver, huh? Don't judge now, dahlin', we all have our oddities.

Here are the Piedmont Girls (see previous post about us here) soaking up the rays while I'm on the porch taking this photo. Can't be too careful as sharks have been known to leap out of the water, you know.

Now you understand because this is the beautiful porch I was standing on while taking the previous photo. Plus, it's near the food, wine, and air conditioning!

An afternoon storm's moving in. Time to help bring in the umbrella and chairs. Monday's comin'. Sigh.

Driving back home tomorrow and for a while "Ain't Nothin' Gonna Turn Out Right" (another favorite Mose song), but at least I'll have a good time to remember.

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