Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello, Cupcake!

We celebrated birthdays recently and so far successfully dodged the cake and ice cream, but then, while innocently strolling past the baked goods, like a shaft of light from above shining on a glittering treasure, there was the THE ONE. Whoa! Who is that fauvist bakery artist working back there? When I put the glorious cupcake in the hand cart, its colors outshone all the healthy items. Gone was the healthy broccoli and cauliflower mix, along with the organically grown zucchini and the Suddenly Salad™ pasta mix.

brightly colored cupcake

After carefully hiding it from my husband (wrapped in a plain brown wrapper and stuck in the back of the fridge and then camouflaged with the healthy vegetables in front of it), I stealthily removed it early one morning and carried it to my studio to paint. However, my assistant, Bella Z. Ball, enters stage right.

Bella sneaking up on cupcake
H-mmm, what's that I smell. Is it the turps? 

Bella getting closer to cupcake
While she's distracted at the computer, I'll just move around this pesky easel thingy.

Bella caught near cupcake
 Oh yeah, that's definitely for me because I just turned 3. What, huh? Oh, I was just thinking how nicely a wild patterned napkin would go with this crazy thing. Seriously, that's all.

colorful cupcake with patterned napkin and plate

Good idea, Bella! 

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